May 20, 2015

A strange sidewalk

Walking on a street that I had never been on before, I found a long concrete sidewalk. It was raised a few inches above the level of the road and has posts to separate it from the road.

 The raised aspect became interesting when I came to a T-intersection. The raised sidewalk continued straight through, completely separating the two roads. There was absolutely no vehicle access from the side road to the main road. Rather inscrutable, if you ask me.


Jennifer Oja said...

The Japanese are inscrutable in many ways, and I'm reading a very old book by Lafcadio Hearn titled "Japan:An Attempt at Interpretation", which I found on the Free Books app. It's about the impact of religion on the culture from Shinto, to Buddhism and later Christian proselytizing. Antiquated, but interesting read!
Keep walking!
Metta, Jennifer from Canada

Charles said...

Hearn is dated but interesting. He was here when there were few other foreigners. I read that book as part of my college Japanese Studies program many years ago.