May 1, 2015

Fast Food 5

 This is a cheap sushi shop. Since I do not like sushi, I have never been in here. I did go in the building about a year ago, however, when it was a noodle shop. In the slightly more than two years that we have lived here, this building has contained at least three different restaurants, all cheap and no successful.
This building contains two restaurants on the first floor. The one under the yellow sign is a national chain curry shop. The prices are mid range and the curry is surprisingly good. I have not eaten at this one but I used to frequent one of the chain when I lived in Sendai.

The restaurant under the red sign specializes in eggs. They sell fresh eggs, around ten different types. All the meals are centered around eggs. My wife and I have eaten in there twice and the food was excellent but just a little expensive. They also have a cake shop within the same space. The sell cream puffs that are about the best around this area. Once a month they have a sale, cream puffs for half price. We have bought them a few times, when we remembered the fixed day of the sale.

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