May 31, 2015

More at the temple

 This is the central part of the altar inside the temple I showed yesterday. I have no idea at all as to whether the person depicted by the statue was a historical figure or something strictly from Buddhism. Whoever he is, someone takes very good care of him.
On the street outside there are large red banners. They are at least four feet long. Starting from the right, the first and third banners are the same and refer to some great teacher. I am not sure about the second one, but it does contain the word jizo, which usually refers to a roadside statue of a Buddha or some other character. The fourth banner refers to the 'unmoving kings', the warrior kings who keep out evil spirits. The first two kanji at the top of each banner are namu  which means something like 'Hail' and is usually used by the Jodo, Pure Land, Buddhist sects.

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