May 11, 2015

Another landscaped yard and an office.

 This is the entrance to the home of one of the wealthy extended families in town. Apparent various members of the family have built homes on a single huge plot of land. The few remaining open spaces are all carefully landscaped like this.
I had arrived at my Go Club early so I looked around in the building, the Kominkan, which seems to mean something like public building. This is headquarters for the Nakabaru Senior Club. Each neighborhood has a senior club for people 65 and older and each senior club has a kominkan. In one tatami mat room, I discovered this little office. Notice the chair. It has no legs on it. When you sit on it, you rear end is less than a foot above the floor. The desk is low that you could use it when sitting on a cushion on the floor. The big block-like thing on the right is a moveable file cabinet and there is a laptop computer and a printer on the desk.

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