May 6, 2015

Fast Food 10

 This building is a bit strange. It contains two restaurants, one of the first floor and one on the second. The entrance to the first floor is at the front on the main street but the entrance to the second floor is on the side street. The first floor is a yakiniku restaurant, where you get plates of raw meat and vegetables and cook them yourself over a grill at your table. The heat is supplied by either gas or charcoal, with the charcoal restaurants usually being more expensive. The second floor is an izakaya, a place that serves drinks and food. I went to a New Years party here a couple of years ago and the food was pretty good.
This place seems to change every six months or so. Nothing is successful. It has contained various noodle and tempura restaurants. At the moment they serve a special kind of noodles called Nagasaki Chanpon.

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