May 3, 2015

Fast Food 7

 This is our local Mister Donuts, or Misdo as the Japanese call it. If I go out for a walk during the morning, I sometimes stop in and read or listen to podcasts while drinking refill after refill of free coffee and eating an Old Fashion donut, my favorite.
 This restaurant serves cheap Japanese food. I have never been in there because I don't like fish and their meals always includes fish in almost every dish.
This restaurant is very popular with young women. At lunch time the parking lot is full and I have once in a while seen a short line of people waiting to get in. The main feature of the meals, the one that attracts the women, is that most of the dishes contain a lot of collagen which is supposed to be good for the skin. There are many ads on TV for products contain collagen, supplements that you can add to regular food.

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