May 7, 2015

Fast Food 11

 This is a coffee shop. I have never been in here but I can confidently say that they will have some food on the menu as well as coffee. Coffee shop food is usually something like curry or spaghetti and also cake. Pancakes are another common menu item in coffee shops.
Across the street, on the far side of the parking area, is a building where not too long ago my wife and I had noodles. It was part of a national chain that is cheep and good tasting. However, it is now under reconstruction and the sign, while quite cryptic, seems to indicate that it is going to be a large coffee shop that also sells coffee beans. Whatever it is, I think that I will go try it at least once because it is such a large  building for a coffee shop, especially out here in the countryside. A Starbucks in the city might get enough customers to justify the space, but not here Nakagawa-machi. We only have 50,000 people in the whole town and this location is not a place to attract large crowds of people.

By the way this is the last restaurant along this stretch of road. At the next intersection there are a few businesses but there is little more than housing on the far side.

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