May 5, 2015

Fast Food 9

 This two story building contains apartments on the top floor and restaurants on the street level. Actually they are drinking places, rather than restaurants. The Japanese generally think that you should eat, often a lot, when you drink so most places serve both drinks, beer, sake, whiskey, etc, plus many small dishes of food. When I was younger, I used to go to places like this with friends but since I stopped drinking, I stopped.

The restaurant on the left, the one with the white sign, specializes in eel and the one on the right in chicken served in little chunks skewered on long thin sticks and cooked over an open flame.
 This place as you should be able to recognize also specializes in chicken. It is our local Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are thousands of these restaurants scattered around Japan and they all have a statue of Colonel Sanders standing by the door.
This is not a restaurant as such. It is a bakery. However, as with almost all bakeries, they have a place to sit and coffee is available. Coffee costs a hundred yen here. The bakery near our apartment offers coffee and onion soup in a large sitting area. Both are free, if you buy some bread product. They have sandwiches, or it is more accurate to say bread with things in or on it.

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