Jun 29, 2014


 This round building is the museum that holds the exhibits I have been showing for the last few days. If you look closely enough, you can see a man sitting on a bench beside the wall. He is sitting there smoking. Then entire inside of the building is no-smoking and this is the designated smoking ares. In the winter when I see someone out there in the snow, I feel a little sorry for them, but not really very much.
This is my exercise classroom. There are only seven people enrolled, plus the teacher, of course. The class is once a week (three times a month actually) and an hour long. The black objects in front of the chairs are adjustable platforms. We each use a different height which was determined by the extensive medical tests we had at the beginning of the class. I use a platform that is 10 centimeters tall. The teacher's is 25. The other students use varying heights: 10, 12.5, and 15 cm. We step on and off them at a rate of 80 steps a minute. During the hour, we do two or three 10 minute segments. During the rest of the time we do mostly stretching exercises and some coordination exercises with our hands. Some days we also do slow jogging, short steps at 120 a minute. At home I do 20 minutes a day on the platform and also walk a lot. When I get a little stronger, I will start doing slow jogging in my living room.

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