Jun 15, 2014

Strange signs and beautiful pathways

 This house has a little paved area under a plastic roof that is only big enough for a motorcycle, even our little K-cars would not fit inside. The signs are funny. The blue sign says that this is a no parking area and your car will be towed away at your expense. The red sign says that this is a restricted military area and that only authorized personnel may enter. It adds that deadly force may be used to enforce the restrictions. I wonder where they got the signs and wonder even more if they understand what they say. People in Japan think that English is fashionable but seldom bother to figure out what the words say.
 This is a walk with garden that leads to the front door of a private home, actually more than one home, that are well separated from the road. It would be a nice place to live.
This is a park that runs along the Naka River which is off just a little way to the right.

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