Jun 11, 2014

Trip to Ohashi

 As I was getting ready for a trip to Ohashi, Big Bridge in Japanese, I looked out from our balcony because I heard a lot of noise outside. It turned out to a group of people, probably employees of the supermarket (you can see the wall in the picture). The people were sweeping the street and removing all the weeds from the edge of the road and the small canal that runs between the street and the building.

After getting ready, I walked to HakataMinami Station, the one near my apartment, and got on a bus. My goal was a store called Art Box where I planned to buy some new watercolor paints and brushes.
 This is the Ohashi Station which is both a bus depot and a train station.
I went through the station and out the other side where there is a large open area with some greenery.

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