Jun 4, 2014

Site #18?

 This is another of the Nakagawa 88 sites. However, the sign that is above the altar has fallen apart and the lower half is missing. My guess is that this is Site #18 but I will not be sure until I can find a map with the sites indicated and named.
 These are the three stelae on the left. The front one has a person's name on it but I have no idea who he might be. The little cube with the hole in it is interesting but again no explanation was forthcoming. Notice the offering of four bottles of drinks and the green branches on either side. The stele in the middle seems to have a Buddha carved into and the back one has some warn lettering.
Looking in through the window in the altar door, I found this statue. It probably represents a man who was famous for promoting Buddhism in some way. Notice the halo, a feature that is quite common on Buddhist statues.

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