Jun 1, 2015

The new bridge

 Walking back along the riverside, I came to the site of the new bridge and discovered that the bridge itself is now finished.
However, the approach is not finished. This is the current end of the bridge. The roadbed is about a meter above the ground level. Eventually they will build a roadbed and pave the surface so that a new road will take the bridge traffic about 200 meters to a main road.

I have absolutely no idea when the bridge is scheduled to be finished. Public construction like this is usually divided up into parts and each part given to a different contractor. This means that there are often long periods of inactivity as the work changes from one company to another. There is an advantage to this system that would not even be considered in many other countries. This systemit allows the funding for the project to be spread around, supporting a lot of both large and small companies, rather than all going to a single company. Funding brings up another reason for periods of inactivity in public works projects. The funding is often spread out over a number of years, which means that only so much work can be funded during a year and, when that is finished, things come to a halt until the next fiscal year.

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