Dec 29, 2013

A strange house and a park

 Continuing on my walk, I discovered this strange house across the river. Look at the shape of the roof. Also looking down from above, you could see that the corners are not 90 degrees, so the whole building has an odd shape. One of these days I will walk on the other side of the river and try to find out if this is a home or something commercial.
 A little farther on, I found a small park with a fairly old wisteria. Parks are an important part of my walks. They frequently have public toilets.
I decided to have a short rest. I used the facilities, bought a drink from a machine nearby and sat on the bench under the wisteria. While I was sitting there this truck came in carrying some scaffolding. I was not able to figure out what they were going to work on, but in the end I decided that they must be doing something to the little public toilet building.

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