Dec 14, 2013

Historic markers - more of the trip

Next we followed the path that had, in the past, been one of the main routes between Fukuoka and Saga prefectures.
 This stone was what we were here to see. It is a marker that separates the prefectures. It is so old that the writing has been worn off by the weather, but it used to have notices on both sides, say what was in the direction you were facing. Notice that there is a concrete foundation holding the rock in place. Apparently someone in a fit of patriotism tried to change the border by moving it, so it is now permanently fixed in place.
 Since there were multiple paths leading from this point, there were two such stones. This one has fallen over and may soon slide down the hill if nothing is done to put it back in its proper place.
This is a view of the hilltop. The stone from my first picture is just behind the women and the second one is on the left.

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