Dec 4, 2013

The Shinkansen to Hakata Station

 Looking south from the platform at Hakataminami Station. A large area to left is a storage and maintenance yard for the trains.
 Looking north toward Hakata Station which is nine minutes away. We are waiting for them to open the doors so we can board the train, one of the latest models.
 The platforms always have these buttons that you can press in an emergency. I have never seen one operated so I really don't know what would happen, but I assume that some sort of audio alarm would go off and that employees from the ticket booth would come.
 This is the end of a car. Over the door is a panel that displays train information and on a longer trip will have news headlines, weather, and some ads.
The Shinkansen trains get their power from overhead electric lines. This little tower supports the wires and and has an emergency switch to cut the power. It also looks like a cable brings the power up the tower from someplace down below.

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