Dec 9, 2013


This is our local hospital where we get our various medicines and see the doctor at least once a month. This is the place where I had the tests that showed that I had cancer and where I get the followup medicine.

Japan is restructuring the medical system. Now, you go to a local doctor who, if needed, introduces you to a large central hospital where they have specialists in residence. You can go directly to the central hospital, but they are discouraging this with higher fees for people who do not come recommended by a local doctor.

This is what happened to me. My local doctor thought that there was something seriously wrong with me, so he had a specialist come from a large hospital to do an examination. That showed the cancer and the specialist scheduled me for an operation at his hospital. Every four months I return to the specialist's hospital for tests, but in between the local doctor keeps tabs on me and prescribes the medicine I need.

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