Dec 6, 2013

Around the neighborhood

 They are still working on improving the bed of the stream. They are removing a huge amount of sand and hauling it off in trucks, but I have not been able to determine where they are taking it.
 This is the site of a new building. The old one was torn down and the land flattened. Whenever there is a new construction project, there is usually a Shinto ceremony to get the blessings of the gods. The participants are the owner and the senior members of the work crew. Sometime there are guests in addition. Seeing the number of chairs under the tent, this ceremony was quite small. A Shinto priest would have perform some rituals and at one point a senior person or persons would use a shovel and dig into the little pile of sand on the left under the tent.
I walked down a road that I had never been on and found this huge home, built and landscaped in a neo Japanese style.

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