Dec 11, 2013

Still on the history trip

 One of the volunteers is explaining what the area will look like after the dam is finished. The valley in front of use will become one large reservoir.
 This one of a number of sign boards in the area. This one shows the dam. At the top the reddish areas a front view on the left and a side view on the right. At the bottom is a drawing that shows how it will look when it is finished, but before the water collects to form the reservoir.

 Here the green area shows the extent of the reservoir when it is full. It also shows how the roads will be rerouted along the sides of the reservoir.
 We got in the minibus again and moved from the valley on the left on the above map to the one on the right. We walked out onto the bridge that spans the valley. Once everything is finished, the road in this picture will be underwater. It is now off limits to regular traffic but the construction companies are still using it.
Looking straight down from the bridge there was another road that has been out of service even longer. The guide told me that this was the original road but that it got flooded sometime so they moved it. The new road is the one in the previous photo.

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