Dec 7, 2013

Around the neighborhood again

 There are two points of interest in this picture. Next to the telephone pole is a dry drainage ditch with a moveable dam, which is up. The machinery for moving it is above it and painted blue. The other point is on the left. The road which connects two main roads is blocked off in the middle so that cars can not use it as a shortcut to avoid the traffic lights. While taking this picture, I heard a lot of voices coming from the far side of the fence on the right.
 A little farther down the road, passed the roadblock, I found an entrance to area where the voices were coming from. It was a Gateball competition. Gateball is a version croquette that is played by old people. There are nationwide competitions and some people get really involved. I remember watching a drama on TV about a murder that took place so that the murder could eliminate the main competition. It was fiction, but believable. 
Walking a bit more I came to a single rice paddy in the middle of a housing area. All the trees and bushes in front of the surrounding house are cut into globular masses.

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