Dec 9, 2013

The Nakagawa-machi Historical Society trip

 The town publishes various monthly news magazines that are delivered to your door for free. My wife and I noticed one saying that the Nakagawa-machi Historical Society was sponsoring a free trip to some historic sights in town. We signed up and on the appointed day went to the meeting place where we joined about 15 people and three Society members who acted as guides. We drove up out of town into the mountains to the south. The first place that we visited was the site of the construction for a new dam. This is needed both for flood control and as an addition source of water for the town. The above picture is the first view we got of the new dam's location.
 From the other side of the street, I was able to see that there is extensive construction going on. They have placed the dam at the narrowest point in a large valley.
The Society guides told us that once the dam is built (it will be far to the left of this picture and a bit behind) the water level will reach about two thirds of the way up the supports on this bridge.

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