Apr 21, 2012

Hachisaka Jinja

 About three quarters of the way up the flight of stairs, there were short dirt paths leading off to the left and right. Along the uphill sides there were rows of bas-relief statues, some Shinto and some Buddhist. These appeared to be Buddhist although it was hard to tell.

 This row was a mixture of Buddhist and Shinto and there did not seem to be any particular reason for the order. However, it is quite possible that there was something esoteric about it.
 The center stele is engraved with the name of Kannon, a Boddhisattva, and the other two stones contain statues of him.
 This is a Shinto god who is somehow related to horses and thus to the nobility.
 Looking over the top stair, you find the shrine itself.
On the right side of the shrine is another row of bas-relief carvings.

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