Apr 24, 2012

Walking home from Hachisaka Jinja

 Another row of new houses in what used to be an empty field. As I have said before, there is a housing boom in Sendai. Many of the people who lost their homes, and there the number is in the tens of thousands, moved into Sendai, filling all of the available housing and creating a demand for more. I should point out that most of the new places are very expensive and not up to the before-the-tsunami standards.
 This rather large dam, standing here where there is no water, reminds me of the 'port' projects made by the American Congress. However, this does have a real purpose. It is a catchment basin for guerrilla rain and the runoff from the rainy season. Large underground pipes in the housing area behind me bring the runoff here, where it is held so that it can drain away slowly.
 This little apartment house seems to be a cube.
 Turning and looking in  the other direction, there was a long, long row of apartment buildings, only five stories high but they continued as far as I could see.
 This the top of a mound of dirt in the middle of a park. Until I actually walked over and looked, I always though it was an old burial mound or something. However, the little rectangular object in the middle is a survey marker and the stones are just there to protect it.
This row of trees was not visible until the tore down the house that used to be here. The trees are very strange looking because all of the branches on this side have been cut off. They look like half trees.

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