May 27, 2012

Aoba Matsuri

 Here is another picture of the intersection at the bridge. They have flatten out all of the places that rose up or sank during the quakes.
 On my way downtown to my art lesson, I noticed that they were apparently starting work on the riverside again. However, a couple days later I passed by and everything was gone, including the portable toilet. The work crew must have used the space to get organized.
 When I got downtown, I found that the preparations for the evening Aoba Matsuri, aoba is a place name and matsuri means festival were in full swing. These two floats were waiting on a side street.
 This road is divided with a wide garden area with trees in the middle. This gate had been set up at the entrance to the space between the lanes.
 When I had almost reached the building where I have my art lessons, I discovered this group of people. It was  a wedding party going to the wedding hall that is across the street. I wonder what they would have done it it was raining?
At noon, after my lesson was over, I discovered costumed dance groups waiting along the sidewalk.

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