May 20, 2012

Lunch and then home from Izumi Chuo

 My wife and I decided to walk to Izumi Chuo and have lunch in a restaurant that we had never been to before.The store is on the north side but on the right in the picture. The place on the left is a beauty parlor. The restaurant serves Yamagata Prefecture style soba (buckwheat noodles that are served in a soup, like ramen). It was very good and the place was very crowded so our meal was not a fluke of some kind.
 Between the restaurant and Izumi Chuo proper, there is a very pleasant little park. This sculpture of rectangular stones is at the entrance.
 Further into the park there is a stone boat. The fuji (wisteria) behind the boat was just starting to bloom.
 This nice little building is a public toilet. One of the things that I like about Japan is the relative abundance of public toilets and the fact that people tend to keep them clean.
 These little white flowers attracted our attention, but again I do not know the name.

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