May 29, 2012

Aoba Matsuri

 Here are some more pictures of the dancers.
 I left the building while the dancing was still going on and started toward the subway station.
 One of the buildings that I passed has a large space built into the first floor. It was filled with dancers from a different group.
 This wagon was set up as an outdoor stage. I was tempted to return to downtown Sendai in the evening to see the actual festival but decided against it. I was still tired from having the flu during the previous week and there would be so many people that I would not be able to see much anyway. Maybe if I still drank, I might have gone in order to sample the sake that would be freely flowing.
At one intersection I found this group of cute little kids, who were going someplace to dance.
 Almost home I discovered that they were actually beginning to repair the road at the end of the bridge. There has been a huge bump and a deep dip at the corner since the road buckled during the earthquake.

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