May 7, 2012

Cherry blossoms, Boy's Day, and more Tsubasa

 My wife and I both had our semi-annual physical exams scheduled, so we took Tsubasa and walked to Izumi Chuo where we would get the bus to Parktown and our doctor. The cherry blossoms on the trees beside our apartment complex were in full bloom. This picture and the next show the blossoms.

 There is a small pond near our doctor's office and we found that someone had strung ropes across the water hand hung koinobori (colorful, cylindrical flags in the shape of carp) from them . The reflections in the water made the park quite festive.
 Since the koinobori are special for Boy's Day, I got Tsubasa to pose in front of them.
 We got to the doctor's and Tsubasa posed for me with the Disney characters that the doctor keeps to amuse kids. Tsubasa was very good and even sat by himself for a little bit while Masayo and I had our physicals. One of the nurses brought him so toy cars to play with.
When we finished, Tsubasa, with no prompting at all, took the cars back to the reception counter and in a very loud voice said Arigato, "thank you" in Japanese.

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