May 1, 2012

Out for a walk

 I walked along the river bank and enter the Nanakita park, where I found some men flying model airplanes. They were gliders, made from balsa wood and launched with elastic.
 At another place in the park, I found a group of women planting flowers and an old man sitting on a bench watching them.
 This is the front of an animal hospital. Altogether there are nearly 15 of these little statues.
 I took a path through the park in Shogen and found that the pond, that last week had been empty, was now filling up again.
 The path went up and down between the tops of the low hills and the water level. At one of the high spots, there were trees that were planted with mounds around them.I have absolutely no idea why.
In between some of the mounds, I found this mysterious object. It was very carefully made with rectangular openings in the base and at about a hand's width up from the bottom. The x-shaped hole at the top was filled with dirt and grass.

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