May 16, 2012

Still more along the Nanakitagawa River

 Here is another example of flags. These are in front of a clothing store. Don't you love the name "Joy Fit"?
 This is the Shinto shrine that is nearest my apartment. You can see that it is getting green around it and that there are white flowers under the hedge on the left.
 From the shrine, there is a path down to the riverbank. Someone has made a little bridge, partly a metal scaffolding plank and partly bamboo, so it is possible to walk from here downstream to the park. The trees along the river are usually cut down so the roots do not destroy the concrete banking, but for some reason these have been here for a number of years.
 The dark line at the bottom is a crack that opened during the earthquakes. The part of concrete banking that goes between the trees and the little bridge in the first picture slid down toward the river. This year plants are beginning to colonize the spaces that opened.
 This sign announces a six-month construction project to improve the river. Maybe they will repair some of the earthquake damage.
This is the entrance to the park. I did not bother to take the time to read all the notices, but the one on the right is some city authorization for the park, the one in the middle says that playing golf is prohibited in the park, and the one of the left I ignored as being to long to bother with.

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