May 13, 2012

More along Nanakitagawa River

 This is in an area beside the river where the houses were all destroyed in the quakes. They are now being replaced.
 More new houses on the same road. The river is behind me and to the right there is a stream that feeds into the river.
 A little further on they are getting ready to start on new houses. This open space appears to be designed for four buildings.
 Back up on the levee, I found the some of the cracks seem to be getting wider as the land settles toward the river.
 Along almost all Japanese rivers are structures like this. The contain mechanisms to mechanically close the drainage pipes during periods of bad flooding. I have drawn some of these and expect to do more pictures of them in the future.
This sign says "Do not throw away trash". In the smaller print at the bottom it points out that under the law you can get three months in jail or a 200,000 yen (a little more than US$2000) fine.

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