Sep 22, 2014

Another small shrine

 Along the road, I found this like clump of trees. Since this sort of thing almost always indicates the presence of a shrine or altar or some religious, I decided to investigate.

Sure enough, Under the trees I found this little building with an altar in it it. I could read the characters on the sign under the eaves, but they did not make any sense to me. I should add that this is frequently the case because I do not have the background information to decipher titles. It is a bit like headlines in newspapers. These are generally very opaque if you don't have some knowledge of the subject.
 Anyway, looking in through the grill, I discovered this double gold plated statue. A little sign said that they represent two different aspects of the Bodhisattva Kannon.


Jennifer said...

This is exquisite! So glad you are "out and about" again, I am enjoying your "field work", pardon the pun! I posted a comment back on Sept. 11 or 12, perhaps you missed it. It was on Kintsugi. Keep up the lovely photos. Do you get snow in Nakagawa? We usually see first snow in early November here. It has been wet here too, poor harvest, and an early frost took most of the tomatoes.
Metta, Jennifer

Charles said...

Yes, we get a little snow here, at least we did last year, the only winter I have spent here.

Thanks for the complement. Metta.