Sep 10, 2014

Japanese Masks

 Standing in line for the bus, myself and one other person making the line, I could see many places that I use frequently: on the far left you can see my dentist, the yellow sign shows where we stop for curry sometimes and where we buy our ground coffee, and on the second floor is my barber.
 I rode the bus to Mirikaroden where I was going to have my exercise class. In the waiting area, they were having an exhibit of the masks that are used in classical Japanese theater. I think these came from both Noh and Kyogen. These two are the bad guys. You can tell because of the dark colors. The red faced one looks a lot like a Christian image of the devil.
These white faces are good guys. The one in the middle has a moveable jaw so that it can move while the actor is speaking.

These masks are considered very valuable and are passed down  for hundreds of years, which explains the lack of paint. New masks are made but often they are copies of older ones.

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