Sep 6, 2014

Still in the bus depot

 This is another side of the board with the bus schedules that I showed yesterday. This one has information about events and things in town. My Go club schedule is posted here on the top right.
 Beside this bulletin board, there was a school girl studying while she waited for a bus. In Japan, all schools from the seventh through the twelfth grades require the students to wear uniforms and to carry their books in a briefcase. This young lady is using her briefcase as a desk. School texts in Japan are all paperbacks that the student buys and keeps.
Standing at a bus stop in the terminal, I can see across the parking lot (right) and taxi stand (left). On the far side there is the entrance road with oneway traffic moving to the right. Directly in front of me the traffic moves to the left. If you look at the horizontal green sign on the building, you can see the English words Honda Dental Clinic. This is where I go for dental care. A few days ago I went for a checkup and had my teeth cleaned. With the comprehensive health insurance which is compulsory in Japan, I paid 460 yen or US$4.60.

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