Sep 8, 2014

Pay parking

 This is off to the left of the bus depot. The elephant in the window is a relatively new addition and it is some kind of kids' center. Not having a kid, I have never bothered to find out anything about it. The row of bicycles belong to kids who attend a prep school, a juku, that is around back. This building contains a number of different places, next to the kids' center is a very good restaurant, specializing in pizza, there are a couple of bars and a place to have shiatsu/hari (pressure and needles on specific points on the body to relieve pain and other symptions).
 The station building has a small parking lot. It holds about 20 cars. There is a larger commercial lot on the southside of the station on the same street as the kids' center. The system here is interesting. You can see the plate on the left side of each parking space. When a car wheel passes over the plate, it rises as you can see on the right.
To lower the plate, you have to go to this machine and get a card which when reinserted along with some money will allow you to leave. The charges are calculated by the half hour.

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