Sep 5, 2014

More inside the station building

 This store sells mostly children's and women's clothing. The seats on the left are in the waiting area of the bus terminal.
 This bulletin board has some of the published bus schedules pinned to it. At the top left is a map showing the Nishitetsu company routes in the area. Nishitetsu is the largest transportation company in northern Kyushu and they run both trains and buses. Nishi means west as in western Japan and tetsu means iron and is a reference to the railroad tracks. Western Japan is an interesting term. Most foreigners refer to this area as southern Japan. If you look at a map it is clear the Japan is more or less L shaped, so the Japanese refer to this as western Japan and the Tohoku area where I used to live is called northern Japan.
These vending machines sell a variety of toys that are packaged in little plastic eggs. Many of them are monsters or robots but there are also dolls, furniture, and playthings. It costs 200 yen for one egg.

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