Sep 11, 2014


 The Omikoshi from a local festival was on display at Mirikaroden. This is a large box resting on six logs. During the festival the logs are used to carry the Omikoshi around the area. The traditional idea was that the festival was a time to carry the god around the neighborhood so he or she could see what it was currently like and to also show him or her a good time. There is lots of music, chanting, dancing, and especially a lot of drinking. When I lived in Shizuoka Prefecture, I was on the organizing committee for our neighborhood festival, but after moving to Sendai, I did not participate because they were bigger, covering many neighborhoods so I did not know the people involved.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Charles! I am interested in Kintsugi/Kintsugoroi, pardon spelling, the art of repairing broken vessels with gold. Have you encountered any in your travels? There are some nice examples on Google. I like the metaphor of the four vessels the Buddha teaches about hearing the dhamma. The pot with no bottom, the cracked and leaky pot, the overfull pot and, ideally, the empty pot. I am a "cracked pot" with poor memory, and am filling the cracks with the gold of the Dhamma, lol. If you encounter any Kintsugi in your travels, be sure to take a pic! Thanks for your posts! Much Metta, sukhi Hotu! Jennifer

Charles said...

I've seen such pots in museums but have never actually held one.

Sorry I missed this.