Sep 1, 2014

People and yukatas

 This booth is selling kakigori, shaved ice with a sweet syrup, which is about the same as what we called snow cones when I lived in the US. They are a favorite at festivals and many coffee shops and restaurants also served them in the summer. The coffee shop versions are often very elaborate with bean paste, ice cream and fruit added on top. They are really great on a hot summer day.
 Just some blurry people. The young girl in silver was part of a group that performed a dance routine.
This booth was surprisingly serving hot coffee among other things. Notice the young woman in the traditional clothing. This is called a yukata and may be worn by both males and females. They are summer wear, light and much cooler than a kimono. Many young women and an occasional man will wear them to festivals but you no longer see them around town. When I first came to Japan, there were extremely common during the summer. I even had one that I wore in public, going shopping in the neighborhood and that sort of thing. It is a shame that people have stopped wearing them. They are very comfortable.

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