Sep 13, 2014

Start of first long walk since last Spring

 The day was very cloudy and it had apparently rained all night. You can see that the sidewalk is still wet. I was on my way to the station to catch a bus to Mirikaroden and saw some workmen trimming the trees in preparation for the winter. The trees along the roads are usually trimmed once just after the new branches come out in the spring and once shortly before the leaves start to fall in the autumn. The new branches are all trimmed off because this keeps the roots from growing and damaging the sidewalks and roads. It also means that the streets will not be covered by fallen leaves as the weather cools.

About half way to Mirikaroden, the bus turned off the usual route and I discovered that I had gotten on the wrong bus so I got off and started to walk. I was only a kilometer or so away from Mirikaroden
 Since I was in a bit of a hurry, having to walk rather than take the quick bus ride, I only paused long enough to take two picture at a shrine that I passed.
I did not enter the grounds but took this picture of the main building from the street.

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