Sep 28, 2014

Heading home

 After crossing the bridge, I turned right and found a dirt path that was obviously made for students to get to the school without having to go on the main road which does not have sidewalks. The river is on the right. You can just see a little of it through the trees.
 Reaching the main road, I discovered that they are widening it.The road-like place on the right is going to be a new side walk and they will be able to add another lane to the road. This widened section will only be a few hundred meters long. Most roads, except completely new ones, change in size as you go along them. Any time they have money and access to property they will widen a road, even if it is only for a little way.
This is a used car lot. I loved the name, really weird.


John Molloy said...

Perhaps it's from the Celtic Blessing: "May the road rise up to meet you"?

Charles said...

I thought it might refer to the rising costs of owning a car and driving on the roads.