Sep 9, 2014

Unusual things

 This is at the end of the station building. It looks like an old style mailbox and the large letters say post. But the smaller writing indicates that this is a place where people can leave bad written material, in other words pornography and what are often called men's magazines.
 Architecturally, this is rather a mess, at least to me, it is. The stairs, both those on the left and those across the street lead up to the Shinkansen station, which is actually across the street from the Station Building. The structure on the top left is the bottom of a pedestrian bridge.
This box is very unusual. I don't know if it is a trial or if there are others around Japan that I have just not seen. The box belongs to Sagawa, a transportation company that also deals in parcel posts. According to the white instruction signs, you can have Sagawa pick up something at your home and they will deliver it here and place it in one of the compartments in the box. They will email a combination that will allow you to open the box. When we travel in Japan, we almost always send our luggage to our destination by takubin, parcel post, the day before we leave. It costs less than a couple of thousand yen (about US$20) and it makes the trip much more pleasant.

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