Sep 21, 2014

An industrial area in the rice paddies

 Yesterday, I posted pictures of what appeared to be a shrine, a building with an open front. When I reached it so that I could see inside, I discovered a large stone wearing a red bib and a small table with green leaves in vases, a pot, and offerings of Japanese sake and some water. Piled up around the large stone were a number of smaller stones. This would appear to be some sort of Shinto altar, but you never can be completely sure, at least I can't. Maybe when my understanding of the local dialect improves a bit, I will start knocking on doors in the neighborhood of these shrines and asking people to explain them.
 This is quite typical of the area I was in. There is a large rice paddy but a section along the road has been turned into an industrial area. This company appears to make the preconstructed beams that are used to make large buildings.
After walking passed the industrial area, I came to a number of green houses with young plants growing in them. On the left side of the picture you can just see the tall structures from the industrial area and a small segment of the rice paddy.

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