May 8, 2014

A small Buddhist altar

 This little fenced in area contains a flat rock.
 Inside the small structure containing the altar there were more large rocks.
I am not sure what sect uses this place, but the round brown object in the lower left is like a drum and is used for keeping the rhythm when chanting sutras, mantras, or other Buddhist things. The 'drum' stick is next to it and in front of the vase. The ball is hollow and usually these have a slit somewhere. The sound they make is very distinctive and difficult to describe. From the looks of the place, I think that it is used daily by one or more persons.


John Molloy said...

I think it can be described as a hollow "nock" or "tock"?

Charles said...

I'm not sure about the name but 'tock' is a good phonetic representation of the sound they make when you nock them with the special padded drumstick.