May 16, 2014

At Antoku Park

 I was out for a walk and decided to see how the cherry blossoms were holding up in Antoku Park. When I arrived there was a baseball tournament in progress. This is where I play ground golf two days a week. The course is set up on the dirt in an area the size of a soccer pitch.
 Walking through the parking lot, I found people having a BBQ picnic. I was tempted to stop and start talking to them to see if I could get invited to join them but decided not to. There are still a few cherry blossoms on the branch above them but most of the petals have already fallen.

 There were people picnicking on the top of the kofun, burial mound, too. The ground here is pink from all the fallen petals. As I've said before, the fallen petals represent the end of our short but beautiful lives.

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