May 27, 2014

Site 17

 A little ways down the road, I discovered another of the 88 pilgrimage sites. This one was set back from the road on the side of a hill. It consisted of a single small building. The area around had just been mowed and I could smell the cut grass. Off to the side and under a small tree was a line of fire wood. All in all it was a very pleasant place.
 Walking up and stepping into the small open area under the roof, I could see the objects on the altar. I was surprised to find that it was a collection of small figures. The largest figure seemed to be a Buddha who was flanked by Bodhisattvas. The small figures are probably protecting kings and mythical beings. Notice that they were originally covered with gold leaf but most of it has worn off.
Here are the figures on the right side. There is a lot of detail on the figures but they are not particularly artistic. It would be very interesting to discover if anyone knows where they came from.

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