May 21, 2014

A special tree

 I was now farther south than I have ever been on any of my walks. This tower was apparently part of a restaurant or some other commercial establishment. It was not on the road I was following so I did not go over to find out. Maybe the next time I am in this area.
 This tree with a huge trunk was in the corner of the parking lot for a company. It is hard to see but right in front of the tree there is a seat and a bus stop. Many companies and neighborhood associations put seats at the local bus stops. I'm sorry for the tilted picture but the sun was shining on the screen of the camera and I just had to guess at the framing for the picture.
When I reached the tree, I discovered that it is protected by the town and has a stele associated with it. The sign gives the details about the type of tree and the legal protections.

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