May 10, 2014


 I have never seen anything like this before. Shrines have a bell, actually more like a spherical gong, that people can ring to get the attention of the shrine's god before they pray. Because of the military-like fence around the building, people can not get to the usual gong which you can just see under the curved part of the roof. To make up for this, there is another gong placed under a free standing roof  but in front of the fence. There is a small locked box for donations, which are almost always small 10 yen (one cent US) coins probably being the most frequent. I sometimes pray at the shrines, it is a very nice few moments of complete peace as my mind goes blank at such times. However, here I felt very strange and did not even consider it.
 Shrines are almost always guarded by a pair of stone lions. Buddhist temples, on the other hand, are guarded by a pair of warrior kings.
This is a stone column with a stone roof. I have no idea at all what its meaning or purpose might be.

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