Jun 14, 2015

A couple of buildings

 I love this old red painted building. I have no idea what is in it or even where the door is, but the color, the faded red with the white underpainting showing through does something for me. I would love to use this color in a large painting of some sort.
We have a local Macdonalds but the rumors are that it may be one on the 1,200 Japanese stores that the company is going to close. However, if we do lose our Mac (which I have never been in), we still have Mos Burger, one of the Japanese equivalents. Actually the food is better and they are the only place that sells onion rings. Also on the menu, they have various things with chicken rather than beef, plus they have sausages that are almost hotdogs, so I have eaten there two or three times. However, I generally avoid American fast food stores in favor of Japanese fast food. I particularly like curry.

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