Jun 7, 2015

Ground Golf

 My wife and I participated in a Ground Golf tournament. It was held on the ground that we use for our regular Monday and Thursdays games but, instead of having one course on half the ground, like we do, they set up three courses covering the whole ground. These are the officials setting up the holes.
Altogether there were 44 teams completing. Our club fielded three teams: the strongest from the people who were able to attend, a mid ability team, and a team that had no chance of anything except maybe the booby prize, which they did not win, by the way.

Last year I was placed in the middle team, but this year I have improved enough that I was part of the top team. Everyone played two rounds of eight holes per round. When the dust had settled and there was lots of dust as you can see, we were in 11th place. We were competitive for a prize but during the second round we had a replacement player. I never did find out why the original member of the team had to leave. Anyway, the new guy was pretty good, but he had not played in a long time and completely lost it on two holes, dropping us out of contention.

After the awards ceremony, we had box lunches delivered and we all ate together under the cherry trees that line the park. It was a very good day.

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