Jun 24, 2015

The end of a good thing

I've been posting this photoblog for almost eight years and it has served my purposes well and over the years had a lot of viewers. However, I have run out of places to take pictures. Due to my physical and economic conditions, I can only move around in a 10 kilometer circle from my apartment. I have now shown all of the interesting places within that area, more than once in most cases. I will have no chance to go to new shrines and temples, so my posts would only become repetitive and boring. For this reason I have decided to stop making new entries. If something changes in the future, I will consider starting it again. In the meantime, if I find any new places I will post the pictures to my Facebook page. If you want, please send me a friend invitation and a personal message telling my telling me who you are so that I do not ignore your request because I did not recognized your name.

Thanks for following this photoblog. It has definitely been a good trip, but as they say in Buddhism, all things eventually come to an end.