Jun 3, 2015


 This stone wall is covered with little pick flowers. The wall allows the owner of the property, which is at a higher level than the path along the riverside, to use all of the surface of the land. Since, like most Japanese lots, this is very small a slope from the path to the property would mean that a large portion of the area could not be used.
This really bright white and yellow flowers were growing along the fence between the path and the river.

The rainy season officially started yesterday afternoon. Since then, it has been raining steadily, which I guess is appropriate. I should point out that the frequent rain we expect for the next month or some may require me to go back to a single picture each day because I will not be able to go out for the usual walks. In any case the rainy season will soon be over and then it will become extremely hot. I will also look through my files and see if I can find any photos that I have not yet posted here.

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